At STJ Hockey Academy we aim to provide a positive structured learning environment for our student-athletes; an arena that fosters personal growth, character, and athletic development. Ultimately advancing quality individuals who are prepared to lead on and off the ice. Our program is committed to the development of all student-athletes by placing an emphasis on:

  • Quality coaching;
  • Fundamental skill development through proper instruction and repetition;
  • Instilling values of character, integrity, sportsmanship, and teamwork;
  • Having fun
  • Respect the game and all involved including but not limited to; teammates, coaches, opponents, referees, parents, and arena staff


2023-2024 Tryout Registration is now open! Click the links below for more information. Clicking the age specific titles will show evaluation dates and times. Players must attend at least one tryout session to be offered a roster spot. Tryout fees are non-refundable. Email with any questions, comments or concerns.

Season Information

STJ Membership is not required to participate in the travel hockey program. 

Please contact Latasha Thomas-Jacobs if you are interested in becoming a member of The St. James at

  • Tryouts
    • April 22nd - April 28th
    • Supplemental Tryout May 5th if necessary. 
  • Preseason
    • August 19th - September 3rd
  • Regular Season
    • September 4th - February 25th
  • Playoffs
    • February 26th - March 3rd
  • STJ Hockey rarely participates in major holiday tournaments and will not practice or play games during the following breaks:

Thanksgiving Break11/20/23-11/26/23
Winter Holiday Break12/18/23-01/02/2024

*Camps and lessons will be available during the above off dates.

Travel hockey is a large time and financial commitment. We expect our players to attend every practice and every game. Hockey is the ultimate team game requiring the commitment of each individual for the betterment of the entire group. While we understand and support our players participating in other sports and activities, we require clear and accurate communication if a player anticipates missing team events prior to accepting a roster spot. Tournaments and weekend overnight trips should consistently take priority over other sports and activities. STJ Hockey must take precedent over House, Middle School or High School hockey commitments.

Club-wide commitment policy:

Missing a practice or off ice session without communicating with your coach will result in a one period suspension for the next game. Players who miss a game without communicating with their coach will sit the following game. Players who consistently miss practices and/or games for other sports/activities or for their school teams will receive less in-game playing time compared to teammates who are regularly and consistently attending practices and games.

  • 40-50 practices per season
  • Two practices per week for 60-minutes
  • Teams practice on Mondays and Wednesdays

  • 40-50 practices per season
  • Two practices per week for 80-minutes, 40 minutes of full-ice and 40-minutes of half-ice
  • Teams practice on either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday
  • One 40-minute off-ice session per week scheduled before or after on-ice

  • 40-50 practices per season
  • Two practices per week for 80-minutes, 40-minutes of full-ice and 40-minutes of half-ice
  • Teams practice on either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday

  • 18U Split Season
    • Two 60-minute full ice practices per week from 8/14/23-11/16/23
    • One 40-minute off ice session after practice from 8/14/23-11/16/23
    • No weekday practices will be held after 11/16. Weekend games and practices will continue after Thanksgiving break until March. 
  • 18U Gold & 19U Girls
    • One 60-minute full ice practice per week
    • One 80-minute, 40 full / 40 half ice practice per week. 
    • Two 40-minute off ice session per week held before practice through winter break. 
    • After winter break, one 40-minute off ice session per week.

Selects 10U-16U
  • One 80-minute half ice practice per week
  • One 45-minute off ice training session per week
  • One selects only semi-private lesson on Wednesdays
    • Optional
    • 4:00-5:00PM on Wednesdays
    • Offered at an additional cost


STJ travel teams play an average of 40-50 games per season. A typical travel schedule includes two league showcases, three to four tournaments and 30-35 league & non-league loose games plus playoffs.

The travel hockey game schedule can be changed and updated throughout the season. Unless a weekend is communicated as off, families should plan to have games or practices each weekend.

TeamLevelCoachesPractice DaysStart TimeEnd TimeRink
8U GoldAA/UATim Graham, Bobby Williams, Brian GriffinM & W5:00 PM6:00 PMNorth
8U NavyUA/LAChris WarrenM & W5:00 PM6:00 PMNorth
8U WhiteB or GirlsM & W5:00 PM6:00 PMNorth
10U Girls SelectsADanielle McLeanF6:40 PM8:00 PMSouth
10U WhiteLA/BM & W5:10 PM6:30 PMSouth
10U NavyUA/LAScott StraussT & TH5:50 PM7:10 PMSouth
10U GoldAATanner JonesT & TH5:10 PM6:30 PMSouth
12U GirlsAAStephen Gerke & Melissa KuyumjianM & W5:50 PM7:10 PMSouth
12U Grey SelectsB/RecF6:40 PM8:00 PMSouth
12U WhiteLA/BEric Watters & Gabe IrizarryM & W6:10 PM7:30 PMNorth
12U NavyUA/LADevin Melice & Jack StrycharzT & TH5:40 PM7:00 PMNorth
12U GoldAAChris Warren & Dexter ThompsonT & TH5:00 PM6:20 PMNorth
14U GirlsAADahea Chung & Grace FisherM & W7:20 PM8:40 PMSouth
14U Grey SelectsB/RecF5:10 PM6:30 PMSouth
14U WhiteLA/BEric RonconeM & W6:50 PM8:10 PMNorth
14U NavyUA/LAMason Hauser & Zachary AdamsT & TH7:20 PM8:40 PMSouth
14U GoldAATim Graham & Zachary WilsonT & TH7:10 PM8:30 PMNorth
16U GirlsAAVanessa DeMerchant, Matt Billman & Cassandra HanlonM & W8:00 PM9:20 PMSouth
16U Grey SelectsRecF5:10 PM6:30 PMSouth
16U WhiteLAMax GanzerM & W8:20 PM9:40 PMNorth
16U NavyUASteve Breault and Frank RossettiT & TH8:00 PM9:20 PMSouth
16U GoldAAJB BakerT & TH7:50 PM9:10 PMNorth
18U Split SeasonAT & TH4:00 PM5:00 PMSouth
18U GoldAAM9:30 PM10:30 PMSouth (Full Ice)
W9:00 PM10:20 PMNorth
19U GirlsAAMatt Billman, Vanessa DeMerchant & Cassandra HanlonM9:00 PM10:20 PMNorth
W9:30 PM10:30 PMSouth (Full Ice)


STJ Co-Ed 10U-18U travel hockey teams will participate as half-season members of the Atlantic Hockey Federation (AHF) and full season members of the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League (CBHL). The AHF season will consist of a total of 16 games (8 games played at two showcases and 8 additional loose games), while the CBHL season will consist of 16-20 league games. Both leagues have playoffs that take place late February and early March.


STJ Girls Travel Teams 10U-19U will participate as full season members of the Atlantic Girls Hockey Federation (AGHF) as well as the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League (CBHL). The AHF season will consist of 28 regular season games – 8 showcase games plus 16 loose home/away games and playoffs. The CBHL season will consist of 8-20 league games plus playoffs.


STJ Select teams, Grey in designation, will participate in the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League (CBHL) or the Capital Corridor Hockey League (CCHL) depending on team level of play after tryouts.

Age Group Co-EdGirlsSelects (Grey) & Split Season

  • Full time goalies are eligible to receive a 20% discount on season fees.
  • Payment is accepted in full via check or through monthly online instalments via ACH or CC.
  • In addition to the cost above there is a transaction fee taken by our technology provider. The percentage is 3.75% for all credit card transactions and 2.5% for all ACH transactions. The fee can be avoided by paying via check IN FULL by September 1st, 2023.
    • Checks should be made payable to The St. James and mailed to: The St. James, 6805 Industrial Rd. Springfield, VA 22151 or dropped in the check deposit box located in the hockey office.

Travel Academy Fees Cover:
  • On ice & off ice practices
  • Lose games & league fees
  • Practice jerseys & socks
  • STJ Hockey Academy training t-shirt
  • Professional coaching
  • Pristine facilities

Travel Academy Fees Do Not Cover:
  • Game jerseys, socks & shells (pricing listed under equipment cost section below)
  • Tournament & showcase registration fees
  • Tournament & showcase travel & hotels (for families and for team coaches)

Added expenses listed above (except equipment costs) are referred to as the Team Assessment Fee. Team assessment fees are collected by the team manager at the beginning of the season. Team assessment fees typically run between $650 and $800. Tournament registration fees, showcase registration fees, coaches travel, coaches per diem, coaches hotels, TeamSnap subscription and roster sticker costs are all included in the TAF. 

STJ works with PureHockey to fully equip our travel academy. The STJ PureHockey MyTeam store will be open ONE time for required equipment and orders take 8 to 10 weeks to be processed and delivered. Required equipment must be purchased during our May MyTeam store. We highly recommend only ordering jerseys if your player is new to STJ or if their current STJ jersey does not fit. If your player is apt to misplace equipment, we suggest ordering multiple pairs of game socks. Players who join the season after the team store close must purchase blank jerseys from STJ. Players who purchase blank jerseys from STJ are responsible for getting names and numbers sewn on at their own expense. 

PureHockey team stores will open once in May for required and optional equipment and once again in October to ensure holiday gifts arrive on time. PureHockey team stores will feature optional apparel such as hats, shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, backpacks and more.

We encourage families to use our STJ Hockey Facebook group to trade or sell used STJ gear or hockey equipment. Items such as game socks, shells, helmets, gloves, skates and even old jerseys can be reused when players grow out of their equipment.

Required Equipment (can be used for multiple seasons):


White Home Game Jersey


Navy Away Game Jersey


White Home Game Socks


Navy Away Game Socks


STJ Game Shell


STJ Bauer Warm Up Hoodie


STJ Bauer Warm Up Sweatpants


Navy Gloves and Helmets Required


Optional Equipment (can be used for multiple seasons):


STJ Hockey Bag


STJ Jersey Bag


STJ Team Backpack


STJ Logo:

The STJ Logo may not be used for gear or apparel without approval from The St. James. with any questions.

Dual rostering will not be allowed for the 2023-2024 season. Exceptions will be made for goaltenders 12U and below and 10U players on a case by case basis. Female players are welcome to tryout for both Co-Ed and Girls teams, but must pay and register for both tryouts. Girls trying out for both Co-Ed and Girls will be informed which team they have made before rosters go public and must pick which team to accept their roster spot on by the end of the final evaluation session.